How To Use Wang Sets Like Terrains?

I am currently trying to define a Wang Set as shown in the following image:

In my tilemap, if I select the Wang Brush, I am not able to paint anything. If I hold CTRL, I am able to paint the center-most tile that I have defined, but that is all.

If I select the Shape fill tool and enable Wang Fill Mode, I get random tiles that do utilize my fully defined wang tile set.

However, I want to be able to do these precisely with the Wang Brush. What am I missing?

It looks like you’re trying to paint into an empty map with a Wang tileset that expects the transparent areas to be red. This fails because there’s no red for it to match.

If you clear all the red and leave only the green, it should work.

Note, however, that your labelling seems to be incomplete, so you’ll probably get icky results (same as you would using terrains).


I got it - I had to decrease the Color Count to 1 and draw the tile definitions in the same way as the Terrains. Thank you for the help!

I know this looks like garbage, but it’s working now. :slight_smile:

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