How to you create backgrounds?

Hello ,I am new to Tiled.How to do set cluods.trees,images for background after setting up tiles?

There are many different ways, and you can employ any combination of them depending on how you prefer to work and what your game allows.

  • Regular tile layers, with trees, clouds, etc made up of small tiles just like everything else. That seems to be what you’re doing now.
  • Regular tile layers, but each tree, cloud, etc is its own single tile. This can make authoring more convenient.
  • Object Layers with Tile Objects, where each tree, cloud, etc is its own single tile. The difference between this and the previous method is you can position Tile Objects freely, they don’t have to follow the tile grid.
  • Image Layers, each can include a single image, and you can offset the layers to position things more precisely. These are seldom used for things like clouds and trees, but are pretty good for larger background images, such as entire skies.

I see a couple of oddities in your screenshot: your tileset has a solid white background instead of a transparent one, so you can’t use layers effectively, and your trees are loaded as tilesets with small tiles, but they don’t follow the grid, and don’t appear to be designed to be used as tilesets this way. You may want to look into how this tileset is meant to be used, and possibly recreate it with different settings, as I don’t think you’re going to have a good time using it as-is.

Thank you so I much.I am going to correct myself