I cannot get the collision mesh when I use TiledtoUnity

I’m using Tiled 1.2.0 and following an older Unity tutorial series on YouTube. I use the collision editor under the tileset tab (I select the tile I want to add collision to, then I insert a rectangle over the whole tile, then use select object to size it down x=0, y=0, wdth 16, hght 16) but whenever I preview the map before running it in Unity the collision mesh never appears. I try running it in Unity and layer everything properly and still nothing. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

If you send me your project as a Unity Package I can take a quick look (sean@seanba.com). However, I recommend using SuperTiled2Unity instead. It requires Unity 2018.2 or later but this is where all my efforts for a Tiled-to-Unity importer are concentrated at the moment. It woks on all platforms and doesn’t require an exporter. Just put your Tiled files into your Unity project and it should work.