Collision not working

(peterb) #1

hello- I am trying to import a map into unity. Map imports but there are no collisions. I have used the collision editor and placed the colider on the tiles that need it. I then placed the tiles in the map. I save the map and then start tiledtounity. I open the map and then do preview map but there are no collisions. I export into unity and place the prefab, map looks fine but no collisions. any help is appreciated. I am using tiled version 1.0.2. tiled to unity version and unity 5.6.2f1 thanks in advance for any help…

(dark) #2

i think it in the code u write in redring map

(peterb) #3

thank you im looking into that

(Seanba) #4

Hi Peterb, the first step would be getting the collisions to show up in the previewer. If they’re not there then that’s a sign that something has gone wrong with the way your map is authored in Tiled.

I’d start off small to try to isolate the problem. Can you make a map with one tile that has collision on it? Does that show up in the previewer?

(peterb) #5

Thanks for your reply Seanba, I did just that with a small sample and it worked. added more tiles and they worked too. not sure what i was doing wrong but its working now. Thanks for your reply.