I cannot make physics objects collide


I installed map editor 1.2 released version. Added custom property to it such as hasBody and bodyType. I am using Berry Engine, but I just simply cannot get the objects to collide against each other. This was working in 1.1.6 as far as I tested last time. Did something break or change? Can anyone please confirm?

  • Using latest corona sdk released
  • Tiled map editor 1.2
  • Idurniats Berry map loader

As far as I checked last time with 1.1.6 collision with objects created in Tiled was working fine with Berry’s engine. I am quite frustrated now. I want to use the latest build, but if collision breaks, this is very unfortunate. Can anyone help me out pleasE?


I followed instructions in wiki given in https://github.com/ldurniat/Berry

In the release post for Tiled 1.2 I noted:

The JSON map format was simplified a bit, which will require adjustments in the map reader. See its changelog for more information.

This is likely the reason why the Berry Engine is not seeing your properties. I’m sorry this is causing you problems. Please try to adapt the Berry Engine to the new format. Maybe @ldurniat can help you with it.

Edit: Actually, it seems Berry Engine was already adjusted to the Tiled 1.2 format, so you might just need to update your version:

Latest version of Berry library should work with Tiled 1.2:) It available on Github.


Display objects with physical bodies can, of course, be placed in different display groups for z-index layering purposes. However, if you need to detect collisions between objects in different groups, you should not move, scale, or rotate entire display groups independently of each other because of underlying Box2D functionality.
It is valid to move, scale, or rotate a series of groups in unison or lock-step as long as these groups maintain the same coordinate origin, angle, and scale. However, if groups are moved, scaled, or rotated independently of each other, the Box2D collision system will consider the physics bodies to be in their original state, not as they appear as a result of transforming the group.

See Physics Notes/Limitations for more information.

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