I messed up Lua export and can't reset it

By default, there is a command named “Quick Export” which exports the map into Lua format. But I messed it up somehow and every time I try to run it it just says “The command failed to start”, and I don’t know what I changed. Is there any way to reset the commands to the default?

Hmm, there is actually no such “Quick Export” command by default. The only command Tiled sets up by default is the “Open in text editor” one, and only on Linux and macOS (actually I’m not sure why it’s not there on Windows, I should look into adding that sometime).

Are you sure you had it by default? How did you install Tiled?

Note that Tiled can anyway export your map to Lua format and since Tiled 1.2.2 I fixed the remembering of the last used export filter, so just pressing Ctrl+E is generally quite a fast to do it.