I want to Automap but Im not sure how to make it work with my organization

(logan holmes) #1

I recently learned how to use the automap feature and it will greatly increase the speed of making my maps. However, each map that I make gets its own separate folder. That would mean i have to create a new Rules.tmx and Rules.txt file in every single map’s folder in order to use automap.

If i save all of my maps into a single folder, i can use a single Rules.tmx and Rules.txt file, but i will then have to open every map i made, and re-save it to its corresponding folder later on. Mainly because simply moving the .TMX file to a different location will break the link to the .TSX files, making me reconnect them to the map.

Each project that I do will have at least 100 maps, so this in itself will be very time consuming, just so i can use the automap to ironically save myself time.

My question is, is there any way to still use automapping with my setup? Or am I better off doing everything manually? Any help would be appreciated. Im still new to the automap feature, so i’m sorry if i missed something.

(logan holmes) #2

I may have found a workaround that actually speeds up the process. I can make every single map, in one infinite tmx map. Then automap the whole thing and resize it down and save each individual area afterwards.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #3

That’s great, as long as it does not kill your performance.

Alternatively, know that you can include other rule files from within a rules file. So you’d only need to create 100 rules file one-liners that just include your main rules file.

And as another alternative, it would be possible to implement a simple rule file search that goes up to parent directories, like git does when searching for the .git directory. If that would help you I would consider adding it to Tiled 1.2.

(logan holmes) #4

That sounds interesting. My workaround is working right now pretty well, i just need to go through all of my tilesets and add the rules now.

As far as searching for the Rules, that would be a pretty cool feature. Basically my organization goes as such:


So im currently combining 2 of the suggestions you gave me. You told me before i can use a preset map file for all of my layers and tilesets. The preset map is saved in the Mapping folder, where the rules are saved as well. I make the map and save it to the specific folder after its done. That way i can automap without the hassle. :smiley: