Can you have a single Rulemap/Automap work for multiple tileset.tsx?

I have two maps, map A and map B. I want to create automap rules for them

Both Maps look different, but big portions of them are functionally the same (Have the same edge types on the same spot/ID). Since they are similar, I want to use the same rulemap for both maps

Problem is, I can either assign the tileset.tsx from map A or from map B to the rulemap and therefor only have it work for one map. Is there a way to have the rulemap check for any tileset instead of a specific one, and then use whatever tileset it matched with for the output?

No, there is not.

You can quickly create copies of the rules for the other tileset(s) by using Replace Tileset to replace the first tileset with the next one, and then saving the map as a new rule map.