Images glitch depending on mouse position

Hey all,

I’m new to Tiled, and I have a problem that depending on where my mouse cursor is located, the terrain tiles glitch. In the 2 images below I have my mouse on different positions and this makes some (seemingly random) nearby tiles glitch.

Does anybody know what’s up and if I can fix this somehow?

Thanks in advance!

This is a known, long-standing issue with redrawing, Tiled doesn’t correctly calculate the area affected by the cursor so it clears and redraws different areas. It affects hex maps more often than other types, but it also affects maps with oversized tiles, and all maps while panning the view.

There’s no workaround that I’m aware of, but you can remove the existing glitches by forcing a redraw of the whole screen, e.g. by zooming in and out or switching tabs.

Ah alright that’s annoying, thank you for your response and suggestion to work around it.

Hope it will get fixed!