Import complete Maps from RPG Maker to Tiled

Import Maps from RPG Maker to Tiled


I’m trying to import a project I started to develop in Rpg Maker Vx Ace for Game Maker Studio 2.

I had already made numerous maps of an RPG project and would like to import them from RPG Maker to Tiled Editor, and later convert it to GM2.

Considering that I have the photos of my maps and their respective tilesets, what would be the best method of importing them into Tiled automatically?

I’ve seen this topic that talks about some tools for this:

Is there any more efficient method for importing maps from Rpg Maker?

Thank you.


Did you check out the tools and in what way would you expect the process to be more efficient?

Unfortunately Tiled currently doesn’t have this feature built-in, either to import maps from images or to load RPG Maker maps (is the format documented somewhere?).

I tested some tools and unfortunately I was not satisfied with the results. Even though I have photos of my RPG Maker MV maps and tilesets, the import failed. But I was happy to know that these tools exist.

I do not know if there is any documentation about the format used by RPG Maker.

It would be a dream if Tiled had some kind of plugin that would allow map reading directly from the most popular platforms like RPG Maker MV, Game Maker Studio 2 and Unity. I would be willing to pay for these plugins.

I own licenses of RPG Maker Vx Ace / MV and Game Maker Studio 2 and would like to import many maps created in RPG Maker for GM2. Unfortunately, there is nothing that makes the communication between these platforms.

This would be an interesting resource for anyone who wants to port a project from one platform to another.

I thought Tiled would be the point of intersection between several platforms. I see that Tiled can even export to several game creation tools.

It would be wonderful if Tiled could read directly the map files of the most popular tools.

Thank you.


Right, Tiled can export to many different platforms, but reading maps is more difficult since most platform-specific formats have features that Tiled doesn’t support. Not to mention it is usually much easier to produce a file than to parse it.

That said, it’s not impossible, and you’re welcome to help seeking out documentation or becoming a patron to support my work. If you want to pay for such plugins directly, then you could place a bounty on BountySource or become a $200/month patron and I can spend one full day/month on the plugins you need.

If I had a commercial game company, it would be my great pleasure to make a substantial financial contribution to your work. However, I am just a student who possesses as hobbie to create simple games.

I know that my desire is very selfish. I do not know if there is enough demand to justify creating a plugin like this.

But like I said, I would be willing to buy a software license that allows these features.

As a suggestion, it could be kept tiled the way it is currently and sold these plugins separately.

I think people who are looking for Tiled are the same people who are dissatisfied with the map editors of the game creation tools they use.

It’s just a suggestion.

Thank you.

Ps. I made a small contribution today.

@edneicabofrio Thank you so much for becoming a patron! Every little bit matters and allows me to either spend more time on developing Tiled or to put bounties on certain issues to encourage others to help out. Eventually, I definitely would like to get around to the plugins you’re suggesting.

It could be that there are more people out there who would be willing to pay for such plugins, but I do not like the idea of putting part of Tiled’s functionality behind a paywall. Instead, I hope more people (and companies) will decide to support Tiled development in the future so that it can be improved for everybody.

I’ve opened the following issue about this on GitHub: