Using RpgMaker tilesets with Tiled

I am using Tiled to create maps for a Love2d project of mine and I am having trouble importing in my rpgmaker tilesets. I bought a graphics pack that has a set of tilesets formatted for Rpgmaker 2k3, VX, and MV but due to the format of the tileset I am not sure exactly which one I should be using in Tiled and hoped someone could give me some advice.

Please bear in mind that RPGMaker splits some of the auto-tiling tiles (where terrains blend e.g. water to sand) to achieve correct blending. So if the tiles are 16x16 pixels, in some cases it will split them into 8x8 pixel tiles to achieve correct blending. This allows it to implement auto-tiling with only 12 tiles, whereas for a full combination, you need 16 tiles. You need to make the 4 extra tiles yourself so you’ll have all the combinations needed.

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You’ll also want to check the license on each tileset. A lot of RPG Maker resources are licensed only for use in RPG Maker programs.

I didnt know that but luckily the ones im using aren’t only for rpg maker