'Import Unity Package to Project' doesn't work in Tiled2Unity

All of the tutorials I’ve seen and watched say that all u need to is click ‘Import Unity package to project’ and a menu appears in the Unity editor. Whenever I press the same button, the program said that the UNITYPACKAGE file must be opened by a certain program, so I chose the Unity editor. If I clicked on the button again, it would start up Unity, but no dialog for importing the package. Then I tried opening the file with Tiled2Unity, which just opens the program again. What am I doing wrong? How is everyone doing this so fine whilst I’m stuck at the 1st step?

Do you have different versions of Unity installed on your PC? I’ve run into problems before where Windows gets confused with tying file extensions to applications.

In that case, open your Unity project and drag and drop the Tiled2Unity.unitypackage file from your Tiled2Unity install folder into your asset browser. That should start the import process for you. You can also select the Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package ... menu item as well in Unity.

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Thanks for the big help, Sean! I’ve used the ‘Custom Package’ method and it worked, though I haven’t tried importing my map yet. I’ll edit this reply once I successfully get my map working, but for now you’ve helped a lot! Thank you! :smile: