Importing/exporting tsx

I made a prototype map, and I have various custom properties set up in the tileset (bound to tile id).
I can export the tileset as tsx, but I cannot load it in another map (which use the same tileset image, and where the custom properties are not yet set) because the import tileset button is grayed out.

I noticed that the import tileset button is activated if I export the current Tileset, but as soon as I click it, it grays out again. And it seems it is doing nothing (not even reimporting the same, just-exported tsx:
I tried modding it in text editor but I didn’t see any update in the custom properties in Tiled).

Am I doing this in the wrong way?

I expected a dialog where I could choose a tsx file, to import all the defined custom properties in “any” compatible tileset/map.

I am using Tiled 0.14.1

Thank you

The Import Tileset button is for importing a previously added external tileset into the map. Actually with this you embed the external tileset in the map, which is probably what this button should be called.

The functionality you’re looking for is under Map -> Add External Tileset…

Found it, thanks. I agree: “embed external tileset” would be better.
I have just one more question about this:
is there any way to update an existing internal tileset by loading a tsx file?

Thank you

I’m afraid the only way currently is to do one of the following:

  • Edit the map file and put source="filename.tsx" in the <tileset> element.
  • Copy the .tsx file you want to refer to somewhere. Export the embedded tileset, overwriting this .tsx file. Close Tiled (saving the map). Overwrite the .tsx file with its original contents. Reopen Tiled. (the opening and closing is required because Tiled does not currently detect file changes to external tilesets)
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