Insert Image as Object

(Wemo) #1


Can you insert an image (jpg/png) as an object?

I have a map which is 100 x 100 squares, each square being 50px.

What I want to do, is to insert images of various sizes (in 50px increments) onto the map and be able to drag and position them as required. This would allow me to create city size maps with a 5ft = 50px. The images I want to insert would be of buildings/statues/gardens…etc. 1 building could be 3x4 squares (150px bt 200px) whilst another being 6x8 squares (300px by 800px) or even a city block (see

With these being objects I could easily drag and drop/re-arrange as required until I am happy with the design. Final satge would be to export.

The final result would be a map that I could import into Fantasy Grounds (

Hope you can help/advise.



(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

Certainly, you can add images as individual tiles to a “Collection of Images” tileset and place them using the “Insert Tile” tool, after which you can move them around freely and scale them as well.

You’re making some really nice maps there and I hope you’ll find Tiled useful!

(phil123456) #3

this does not work
I press insert tile, it only puts one tile on the map in the object layer even if I selected many tiles

(魔大农) #4

Are you looking for a randomized spraypaint-like placement tool? I’d say that would be an interesting candidate for script, but Tiled currently lacks such ability.

If not, could you describe the exact behavior/features you would describe as it “working”?

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #5

You mean it does work, except it only works for single tiles. Indeed, you can’t insert multiple tiles that way. That is only supported on tile layers.