Cannot add image


there is a screenshot saying "image objects can be placed with pixel precision. " on the home page
as I drag drop an png image, it says “unregognized file format”

how does one place an image ? I need to place image objects instead of grid aligned tiles

there is no import image nor any similar menu entry in the menu either


Image objects can only be placed on an object layer. With an object layer selected there are different tools at your disposal. The one you’re looking for in this case is the Insert Tile (T) tool.
You may also want to set one of your tileset’s type to be a Collection of Images since you seem to be looking to insert separate files.

That said, it could certainly be nice if you dragged an image onto a map, that it would automatically create a tile object for it and add that image as a tile to an image collection tileset. The question would be, which tileset? Should it pick the first one? Should it create one automatically when none exist yet? And how and where should it be saved then? Well, I guess at least it’s clear now why it’s not so easy…