"Insert Tile" option do not copy the properties of the each object

It would be really convenient and easy if someone can set the properties for a tile and use it multiple times as and when required, by using the “Insert Tile” option, it does inserts the new Tile in the map, but it does not copy the custom added property for newly added object in the map.

This could really save lot of time!

Thanks for the Tool, its really awesome smiley:

Right, either this and/or to allow setting an “object type” on a tile in order to associate the newly added object type based predefined properties to them and their instances.

Object type properties are not available yet in the snapshots because I still need to add support for this in the JSON map format. Once that is there I’ll push it to the snapshots.

I’ve moved this to the ‘Suggestion’ category because it’s really not a bug.