Object Placement Not retaining custom properties (Mac OSX)

I’ve searched through the forum and haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong or if what I’m trying to do is unsupported, so maybe you guys can help. Hopefully it’s something simple. Thanks in advance.

I’m adding a tileset with enemy objects for placement onto the map. I’m editing the Custom Properties on the individual tiles so that they’re read into my game engine and instantiated properly.

For example:
Category - actor
Type - greenKiller

When I stamp the objects onto the map, they’re listed in the object tree (With no name, BTW), however when I select the object on the map, it has none of the custom properties I set for the tile on the tileset. So basically, I have to click on the object in the object tree and manually add the properties to each one (or copy and paste to and from the tree, then move the copy).

Am I using this incorrectly or have the order of operations wrong? I simply want to drop objects onto the map that have the custom properties I added on the tile.

Thanks so much!


as far as I know tile objects do not inherit the properties of the tiles they are stamped from.

Oh, man, that would be a bummer. Each type of enemy has different
attributes–it would only make sense to have to set it once for each one.

Copying the properties over would be rather redundant, wouldn’t it? If each type of enemy has different attributes, then you set those attributes on the tiles representing each enemy type. You do not need this information to be copied over into the enemy instances since you can look it up at the tile.

The only reason to copy them over may be if you then want to modify these attributes per enemy instance. Though in that case, it would make sense to only store those properties that were modified from their default values rather than having a possibly large set of properties always copied over from the tile. Tiled could help here by showing those properties in some way even if they have not been set on the object but only on its tile, but something like that still needs to be implemented.

I think you’ve helped solve my problem–I need to be referencing the
information back on the associated tile instead of the object itself. Like
you say, only making entity specific changes on the actual objects.

I was thinking of the object layer as independent of the tile layer,
despite using placement with the tiles. This should be an easy
work-around. Thanks!