iPhone to iPad size variations

I have created an iPhone tilemap with 96x96 tiles and would like to use 192x 192 tiles on the ipadhd version but can’t see an easy way of achieving it. I have the tile sets and have tried altering the tmx file to match the new tilesets but it just gets very upset. Is creating a separate tmx file for 192x192 the way to go or use a scale option. I’m using cocos2dx.

I didn’t realise I had to edit the tmx file with notepad as other editors adjusted the hidden formatting. I can now adjust it but is it better to use one tmx file and get the software to adjust for the 192 tiles, if so does anyone know how to do that in cocos2dx? Cheers

Since Tiled 0.15, you do not need to use Notepad but you can edit the tileset parameters in the Tileset properties window (accessible through a small button below the tileset view).

However, indeed you will want to use a single map file in this situation, but how to make sure you’re using higher resolution textures depending on the hardware is a question about cocos2d-x. If you’re lucky somebody here may see your question, but it could be better to ask this on the cocos2d-x forums instead.

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