Using tilesets across multiple ios devices

First of all, I would like to say thanks for this brilliant tool. Great job!

I just started to using it and with no problems made my first level. I am sorry for the nubish question, but I can’t figure out, how to design levels to support different iOS devices. I created a map of size 1024x768px with 32x32px tiles. And everything works fine. But I want to support retina displays, so I suppose that I need to include @2x images to the project. But I don’t know how to do this. Should I just add a new tileset with @2x images to the project like I did for @1x images and Spritekit will do the rest or this is more complicated problem?

Generally you’ll want to design your maps in Tiled using either your 1x or 2x images and deal with loading another image and using different tile dimensions in your game / engine. I would expect SpriteKit to only handle loading a different image automatically, but you’ll probably also need to make sure to double or half the tile size or to use tile-size agnostic texture coordinates.

I don’t think there is much Tiled could do to help you with this, but suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for your reply, bjorn.

Is this means that I need to make different .tmx file for each device ?

For example to support iPad retina and non-retina displays:

  • level-1-32px.tmx with dimensions 1024x768px with 32x32px tiles
  • level-1-64px.tmx with dimensions 2048x1536px with 64x64px tiles

and so on, for iPhone 6+
-level-1-96px.tmx with tiles of size 96x96 ?

This is exactly what I want to avoid if possible :frowning:

No, I meant you create one map file, and deal with the resolution difference in your game / engine.

So, suppose you create your map in Tiled using the low-resolution assets. Then, when you load this map on a device with high-resolution display, you make sure to load the higher resolution tileset image and adjust other parameters where necessary to make sure the map gets drawn correctly.

Oh, nice :slight_smile: Many thanks for “steering” me in the right direction :slight_smile: