Is custom float properties with more than two decimal places possible?

Title pretty much sums it all. I need to be able to set some float custom properties that have values finer than two decimals, but Tiled seem to clamp it when typing.

At the moment this is unfortunately not possible. The problem with the QSpinBox (the widget used here) is that when you specify that you want a bigger precision, then it will always display all the zeros. So when I would allow a precision of 5, the value would be displayed as 0.00000.

Ideally, the maximum precision should match that of a double, but when displaying the value it should do so as short as possible. I will try to customize the QSpinBox that way.

I’m now allowing up to 9 decimals, while stripping redundant zeros to make the value display stay sane:

The snapshot should update soon, so you can try it out.