Is there a way to have all properties included in exported json

It looks like if custom properties have default values tiled just skips them. Is there a way to fore everything to be exported.

In Edit > Preferences, enable “Resolve object types and properties” in the Export Options.

Double check that Im not doing something wrong. That setting is set, and you can see the properties, but in the output json the value is still empty.

Oh I just realized “collides” shows up and it is the default. Also the base object info for “completionTrigger” shows up even though all of its members are default. So my guess is a bug with that setting and members of objects being default, or is there another setting I’m missing?

Yes I just double checked. For the “metaInfo” property description and name show up, but itemTypeID does not.

This setting currently only affects top-level properties I believe, it does not resolve sub-properties of properties that are themselves classes yet (custom property types are a relatively recent addition). Relevant issue: #3411

Unfortunately there’s no good workaround that I’m aware of. Even scripts don’t have a way to get at these values yet AFAIK. You might have to manually set all those properties, or load the defaults in your engine (or set the default values to the engine’s defaults) to avoid the need to use the resolve export option.