Is it possible to force Tiled to output a Custom Property even when default value is selected?

I am using tiled 1.10 and have defined some custom classes with custom properties. I save my Tiled maps as JSON and parse them with a simple Python Script.

An issue I am having is that Tiled does not include custom properties in an object definition in the saved json file, if the default value for that property was selected.

Is it possible to force Tiled to always output custom property values, even when the default is chosen? I suspect the “right way” to solve this is to parse the default values from the project script, but that is going to overcomplicate things in this case.

Edit: I found this ( Is there a way to have all properties included in exported json - Tiled Forum ( ) but the thread ends without finding a solution.

This has been added to the list of fixes going into 1.11:

Tiled 1.11 Milestone · GitHub


Looking forward to this.