Is there any such thing as layers default properties?

Hello, great tool and easy to use. I maybe using this tool for a bit of a unique need and have a few questions. First, I am using this tool to quickly make many small (10x10) layers. I am creating over a hundred layers. Each layer will be a different ‘level’ of sorts. I want to use layers since i can quickly jump back and forth between them (as opposed to separate files). Anyway, each layer will have many properties (20 to 30). They are all the same properties with a few values changed each layer. I would like to set some sort of ‘layer default properties’ that will pre-populate upon a new layer creation. This way I can quickly change a few property values for each layer and be done, otherwise I have to manually add the same properties over and over per layer.

Does the tool support a solution to a problem like mine?
Anyone else have a need like this?

This is not possible yet, but I think the following could also work in your case:

The main difference is that the properties are not explicitly added to each layer, but they will show up grayed out in the Properties view to make it clear what properties are there, what the defaults are and to make it quick to override their values.

Bjorn, Thanks for the quick reply. It is great to see I am not the only one in need of a feature like this. Thank you for the quick response!