Is there autosave?

Hi, I think there is no autosave option.
Do you plan to enable it ?, you could configure the time that must elapse for autosave.
For example, every 1 minute is automatically saved or perhaps every action you do on the map, such as deleting or painting a tile, is automatically saved.

This is useful for engines that automatically load the tiled file, so you make changes and do not need to remember to save changes.

It’s not currently available but I’m certainly in favor of automatic saving, not just for convenience but also to prevent data loss (though, automatic saving after accidental deletion could also lead to data loss… but best protection there would be to use a version control system…).

I wasn’t planning on working on this, but I could have a look whether we can still fit it into the schedule for Tiled 1.4.

This would be a great feature! However, please make it optional, as automatic saves are not always desirable.

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