Dude, I'm not sure but I think I forgot to save, is there any way to recover what I did?

I’m pretty sure I saved a tile map before closing tiled, and it didn’t give me any warning as if I didn’t save it. I open it back up and just the background appeared and a turn for a road. The strange thing is I explicitly remember making the straight section first because in order to make a turn I put 2 straight sections over each other. Anyways is there any way to recover the tile map like how aseprite has a recovered files area.

There are currently no autosaves in Tiled, sorry.

Could it be that you accidentally saved a copy of this map elsewhere after making your changes, and opened the older/wrong copy and that’s why it has some work missing?

thx for the response, i couldnt find any other saved file, i just decided to restart and that’s what ive been doing for the last 5 hours. Im almost there lol