Is there way to correspond tiles with numbers?

There is hex map in my strategic game. Each hex field has a various number of armies of various number players. How can I correspond every tile with a number? I found two methods to resolve but both has some issues. What is correct method to represent such kind of maps as on picture?

If you have only a limited amount of numbers, I’d suggest creating a tileset with tiles that represent those numbers.

In your game, you can then either use the local tile ID or you can set a custom property on the tiles which specifies which number each tile represents.

Yeah. It’s first method. There are two tiled layers on the map. But it’s impossible because there is unlimited number of armies can be on a hex.
The second method is using object layer with own properties and turning “Snap to grid” to ON. But I can’t see where will be exactly placing the object…
Are no more ways?

Surely armies are only unlimited in number in theory? So is the number of tile layers, which is limited only by the available memory. But, I can see how it may not be very practical with a large number of armies on the same spot.

Using a pile of objects may be more comfortable, at least when you need to move/delete them. But selecting any specific object will be much more cumbersome then. Dealing better with overlapping objects is still a possible area of improvement.

I’m afraid I have no further suggestions.