Multiple Hex Tile Sizes

I’m trying to make a hex map with an ‘atlas scale’. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could make another hex grid that fits over the smaller grid like in the image?


Edit: in case anyone was wondering, i exported the map as an image at 1:1 scale, then drew one hex of the larger size, then tiled it out manually by copy and pasting, then hid the base layer. Then I opened the resulting image as an image layer and aligned it properly. If anyone has a better way I’d love to hear it.

Could you perhaps make a metatile (a large tiling section made out of many smaller tiles) of your large grid, and fill a layer above your main map with it?

I’m not sure to understand correctly what you’re trying to do, I tried to somewhat recreate the image using tile layers in Tiled, tell me if the following is doing what you’re asking for or not. (1.4 KB)