Isometric Grid settings

Hey guys.
I’m new to Tiled.
I have some troubles to configure the tile and adapt the settings to my grid as isometric.
Can anyone help me please ?

Here is what I’m expecting.

Thanks for your help.

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Your tiles are not isometric but are rather trimetric (I think), so Tiled will not render them correctly, as it only handles orthogonal, isometric, and hexagonal tiles.

At its core though, a map made of these tiles is still just a grid of tiles, just with an unusual projection, so if you can deal with Tiled not rendering them correctly, you could still use Tiled to edit your maps, as long as your engine can deal with this projection correctly.

Indeed this for this tile to line up correctly with other tiles, Tiled would need support for trimetric projection. It is covered by the following issue on GitHub:

The discussion there is still relevant. It would be nice to support this kind of projection. It’s not done yet because the demand for this is low. Trimetric is somewhat unusual as @eishiya said (but maybe support for it in Tiled would encourage people to use it more often ;-)).