Isometric map using color key

I’m creating an isometric map. There is no problem creating the map and the tileset and placing the tiles on the isometric grid using the stamp tool.

This tileset is something I created for a prototype game some time ago. The tiles are 64x32. In my game I handle the color key (otherwise unused pink color). I know how to display the tiles correctly in my game so the color key is treated as transparent.

However, in Tiled I do not see how to set this up. Right now the map is showing a bunch of tiles with the pink color from one tile overlapping another tile. For now there is only one layer.

I searched for the answer and see some related questions, but so far I do not find anything that fits my question exactly.

You can set the transparency color when creating the Tileset, or when Editing the tileset image (Tileset Properties → edit the Image property). Check “Use transparent color”, select your magenta, and it’ll show up as transparent in Tiled.



Thank you! The reason I did not see this option before is that I was making the tileset by adding individual tile images instead of an entire tileset image. Based on your post I found that statement in the documentation. Yes, I should have read the documentation more carefully. :roll_eyes: