Tutorial needed for the isometric mode


am in dire need to know how to build a map with tiles and building blocks to create a 2d isometric map, are there tutorials already been made about it?

if not i would gladly pay for a tutorial about it.

why my tile is showing up like this when i highlight it?

Looks like you didn’t set the tile size correctly.

Check Map -> Map Properties and there look for tile size. Does this size correspond with the size of the tile in the image? If not, change it. It seems like it’s too small, ie map’s grid size looks as if it’s using the default 32x32 but your tile image looks like it’s 256x256 (guessing).

Are you using “Collection of Images” Tileset? If not, you’ll also have to set the tilesize correctly in the New Tileset dialog:

I believe you can’t change this after the fact, except when you manually edit the TMX file with a text editor (close Tiled before you do).

thank you very much, i changed the numbers from 32px to 256px and now i can place the tiles correctly.

how can i make the grass look realistically(not made out of tiles with visible edges)

@AMD You can upload images on this forum. Please use that functionality instead of linking to an ad-supported image hosting service.

I can’t really help you with improving your grass tiles. That’s really an art question. Maybe try a Google search about “eliminating the grid”.