Isometric: is it possible to set the grid in the tileset to isometric?

Here’s what I’m attempting to do. I have an image that is a large isometric dirt tile which is itself composed of smaller isometric tiles. When I place the tiles into tiled, they do not show up as I would have hoped. I turned on the grid in the tileset itself, and the grid is rectangular. Is there a way to make the tilesets grid isometric?

This is not supported at the moment but I think it definitely makes sense, since such an arrangement would be easier for an artist to edit and it could save texture memory, as well as reducing overdraw.

On the other hand, it is only suitable for “ground” tiles, or tiles which do not extend beyond the isometric diamond shape (unlike the isometric grass and water example shipping with Tiled). But it could definitely be supported as an option on the tileset.