Json export bug?

Shouldn’t the custom properties list found in the json export include square brackets? For any object, it shows:


Shouldn’t it be:


I can’t decode the data in my program unless I add the brackets.
Thanks for any help.

The brackets would make the properties value an array, which it isn’t. The properties value is an object. Why would you need it to be an array with a single object for you to be able to decode it? Which JSON library are you using to decode it?

I’m decoding it manually and since I’m using Gamemaker studio, there aren’t any decent scripts I’ve found. The best take way too long to decode.

The entire structure follows the same nesting pattern so this puts a kink in my attempt to simplify my code. My question is why isn’t it treated like an array when it looks like it should be? I’m sure it has to do with the internals of Tiled, and I’m not too experienced with these types of structures, but just looking at the patterns of the rest of the data tree, my intuition tells me it should have brackets. ‘Properties’ looks like all of the other arrays.

No big deal, I’ll just write the extra code to deal with this. Thanks

You can’t have two properties with the same name, so rather than using an array of properties, I’ve used a single JSON object to store the properties. This way should actually be more natural and straight-forward for most people, except those who for whatever reason need to write their own JSON parser I guess.