Json format for external tilesets?

I use the json format for my maps as it’s much easier to parse at run-time. But external tilesets can’t be saved in json format so I am forced to make them internal. Are there plans for support external tilesets in json format?

Or maybe that is already supported and I’m doing something wrong?


Hmm, yes, that should be already supported. You should be able to just do File > Save As and choose
“JSON tileset files” from the file format dropdown, similar to how it works when saving maps.

I don’t see that. I am using 1.9.2. If I open a embedded tileset and choose Save As… It only saves the map. I can Export the tileset as json and then drag-and-drop it into a open map and that seems to work (although the path the dropped file is an absolute path and I have to hand edit it to be relative).

You need to Export Tileset As to make it into an external tileset, or Replace Tileset if you already have an external copy of it.

Ah, replace tileset… that was the part I was missing. Thanks!