Strange json file behavior in snapshot Version 2020.04.10


I downloaded the 2020.04.10 Snapshot and encounter an inconsistent behavior in the saved JSON file.

In the JSON file, there is an entry called “tilesets”.
In the stable version, this entry include a subentry called “source” which direct to tileset files.

However in the snapshot I noticed that there was no such entry and the entries from the tileset file appear as subentries called “tiles”.

I than went to further check this behavior, add a second tileset file with other tiles and used them in the map.
Now the JSON behavior is mixed.
I have a sub entry named “tiles” with tiles from the first tileset file AND another sub-entry called “sources” directing to the second fileset file (like it was in the original version.

Is this the planned behavior for the new version ?
Because its inconsistent and very confusing.

Thanks !

Hmm, actually this behavior probably hasn’t changed between Tiled 1.3 and the development version. It’s more likely that you accidentally ended up with a mix of external and embedded tilesets in your map.

You can toggle whether a certain tileset is embedded or external using the small buttons at the bottom of the Tilesets view called “Embed Tileset” and “Export Tileset As”.

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