Embedded JSON Tilesets

Is there a refresh-from-source option for embedded tilesets?

I have a separate, exported JSON file for my tileset. Phaser doesn’t seem to like that I reference the filename in the tilesets array of my tilemap’s .json file. It seems like I have to go the embedded route, unless I’m mistaken.

I have some metadata stored on the tileset itself, and find I have to update all embedded tilesets in my maps, which is annoying.

There is not such an option, as embedded tilesets are fully embedded, they are not instanced and carry no reference to where they came from.

It sounds like you should use references for your work files, and embed on export. This would mean keeping two copies of your maps (an “editable” version and a “release” version, akin to editing visuals as PSD files and including them as PNGs in your game), but that can be set up fairly easily and is a pretty good practice in general.

You can set up exports to embed tilesets in Preferences > General.

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Oh man, fantastic!

Thank you!!