Latest update of Pro-D, a procedural dungeon generator for Unity, supports Tiled!

Hi there!

We’re the guys behind Pro-D and we recently added Tiled support to our package on the Unity Asset Store.

Pro-D is a versatile game development kit in C# designed for the Unity Engine. It gives you the essential tools for making games with procedurally generated content as well as various common tools for roguelike development.

As you can guess we’re using a tile based system to generate our maps. Our users can save their generations as .tmx files and edit them with Tiled. They can then load them back into Unity with our kit.

Here’s a gif to show you how that goes : )

I hope the uncategorized was the right category for this because I haven’t seen any similar posts to mine anywhere.


That looks like a very useful tool, thanks for sharing! It does look somewhat specific so I hope you will manage to find enough people interested in this kind of maps.

Well, this forum is just 3 weeks old now so it’s still warming up and I didn’t get around to setting up any categories yet beyond the “Release” category, so uncategorized is fine for now. We’ll see which categories will make sense after a while.