Loading map creates blank screen

Sorry, I just got Tiled and don’t know a whole lot, but when I open my map on chrome, it’s blank. I’ve looked at many tutorials, and downloaded all the files and codes, but when I run mine, or their index.html, a regular white screen is there. Know a good tutorial or just know how to do this?

This is probably a problem with the way you’re using whatever framework that allows you to open maps in Chrome. Which one are you using? You may in any case be better off seeking help in channels connected to the framework you’re using.

Here’s two tutorials, for melonJS and Phaser.io respectively:


Thanks for the tutorials, I’ll take a look at them. The blank screen was because I was not using Visual Studio, and I was running the index.html from Notepad++. Visual Studio does something to run it correctly. Thanks for your response.


it looks like you are having issues using some kind of library/engine. I
think you might have better chances asking in a forum related to your
engine or asking the auhors of the tutorials.