"Locator" objects

What is the best way to author a locator/transform in Tiled? By locator I mean translation and rotation, so in 2D a locator would just have the properties X, Y, Rotation. I guess it could also have ScaleX, and ScaleY for completeness.

I have tried hijacking the rectangle object for this purpose, setting the Width and Height to 0, so that the position (X,Y properties) remains constant when rotated. This is OK, but there are a couple of little issues:

  1. The Rotation property seems to grow incorrectly when the object is manually rotated - it can end up in the thousands quite quickly. I guess it should wrap to [0,360) or +/- 360 or +/- 180

  2. There is no way to see the rotation of an object just by looking at it. It might be nice if the “locator” was visualised as a little red x axis and green y axis like in 3D modelling tools

These are minor issues really and can be worked around, but maybe there is a better way I’ve overlooked?

I agree it would be nice to automatically keep it within readable values. I’d opt for +/- 360.

This is an interesting suggestion which I think could apply to all object types. Maybe it could be something to show automatically for selected objects? At the same time it would immediately make the origin of the object clear.

I’m afraid that currently Tiled provides no better way than by looking at the Rotation property in the Properties view.