🔊 Looking for some artistic map creation

Hello everyone,

I am actually working on an artistic project. I am looking for someone to make some nice artistic maps with Tiled.

I will provide the assets, i need someone to design the maps with these assets.

These maps will be in a RGP oldschool style, with scenes to show some sculpted works.

It won’t be a video game, but more a place to discover, meet, talk with artits and vue their work in progress.

Here is the kind of picture that need to be inserted in the map in a scene.

I can already see the beautiful clearing in the middle of the woods! :deciduous_tree: Don’t you ? :smile_cat:

And this pixeled picture will open a window on the real picture:

The first step will be to make just a few places / scences as a showroom.

If you are interested, please have a look at the engine i will use:
Hart City map

Have a nice day,


I don’t understand what the task is from your post. Is it designing maps with existing assets, or are you looking for someone to create the assets too?

In the first step, i will give assets.