[Fun] Tiled is powerful enough to try to build own 2d engine around it

Trying to create my first game based on Tiled Map Editor. Should thank Thorbjorn for such freeware editor with good features :cool: :muscle:. Binding box2d to the engine is on the way :slight_smile: Screenshot is made without antialiasing and any other settings, that’s why all look ugly, especially boxes :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear! (of course I already knew it was ;))

Let me know if you’re missing anything and maybe you’ll find something to work on in Tiled again. I really appreciate your contributions, even if I realize there’s two pull requests still pending. I’ll have another look at them soon.

Thanks for watching and merging the PR!
I didn't solved the problem with QStyledItemDelegate in the 2nd PR but maybe will come back to it if nobody will fix that.
Ok, I will write any offer/request if it could help to improve Tiled during my game developing. This is my first gamedev experience and I’m not sure yet that I’ll someday finish my game, but if it will happen I’ll write some good article about how Tiled helped me! All I can say you now: ‘Keep going!’:muscle:

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