[Paid] Looking for Tiled Map Designer!

Hello! Looking for Tiled users to develop maps using tilesets I’ll provide.

Top down RPG type game. Maps would be 16x16 100 tiles square. Mostly terrain.

Will pay $80 per map! (half up front, half when complete.)


You may want to provide more information about the job if you want people to take interest. The genre of the game, size/complexity of the maps, expected timelines, exact work expected (e.g. designing from scratch or realising someone else’s map ideas, doing layouts only or also placing spawners and other gameplay elements, etc). An example map would be a great way to communicate what you’re looking for, though I understand that’s not always possible.

Without this kind of information, a prospective designer can’t even tell if your pay is good or not xP If you’re looking for maps of the size/scope of the average Legend of Zelda (NES) room, $80 is extremely generous, but if you’re looking for maps of the size/scope of the average Sonic the Hedgehog level, $80 is terrible, and you’ve given no indication where along that spectrum your maps lie.

Edited with more info! Maps are relatively small top down RPG levels