Lost Tilesets. oin latest version of Tiled

Upgraded to .x81 to.x82. Everything fine until upgrade. I can create a blank map but I cannot create a tile set. Do exactly what I did before, but cannot fine newly created tile set.
Please advise!

Paul Arceneauc

It’s hard to say what is going wrong without more information. What are the exact steps you are performing, and at which point does it not work?

Useful information would include what file format you’re using, where you’re saving the file, whether there are any errors, etc.

Also to confirm that it is a new problem in 1.8.2, it would be good to check whether downgrading back to 1.8.1 resolves the problem (you can find old releases at Releases · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub). I don’t see anything in the changes that make it impossible to create tilesets, and in my tests it is working.