I cant load any tilesets

I have tried loading new tile sets, and even example tile sets from the file installed, when I try it doesn’t give me an error it just does absolutely nothing, so this makes it impossible for me to have terrain to even use! I tried dragging and dropping pictures with various ext. to the terrain box with no avail. however, when I first used tiled it did work, but after that and closing tiled the first time it no longer does. it may just be something I did, of course. but so far I cant find a fix and no topics seem similar. running on windows, and using 34 bit tiled but my system is 64 not that it should matter seeing how it ran fine once and now the ability seems to be completely broken for me. thanks for your time!

Please describe exactly the steps you’re doing to add a tileset, otherwise I don’t have any idea what the problem may be.

Normally, you can add a tileset through the Map -> New Tileset… action.

I have the same problem. I click on Browse to load tilesets, and there is nothing. I am following the introductory tutorial.

You mean this tutorial, and you’re clicking the Browse button in the New Tileset dialog, which should allow you to pick an image file? Can you show a screenshot?

I finally was able to find the file. Thanks.