Maintaining proportion


I’m new to game making and using tiled so I have a few questions about the process. Firstly how do you guys maintain proportions in tiled? Like if everything is 16x16 pixels then what do you do to keep things looking at least semi-realistic when it comes to size? Like is it possible/recommended to use different size tiles like 16x16 for small things and 32x32 for bigger things? Also can you zoom in and out of the tiles in the stamp? That would be nice instead of having to squint at them.

Usually multiple tiles are used to make up bigger things, and when appropriate you can do this in ways that allow building things of different sizes. For small things you can of course use only a part of a tile, which is sometimes easier than managing different sized tiles (though both are possible in Tiled).

You can zoom in and out in the map view as well as in the Tileset view, for example by holding Control and using the mouse wheel. Both views also have combo boxes that can be used to change the zoom level.

OK I’ll try that. Thanks for the quick response!