Using both 16 and 32 pixel tiles

Strange question, that I hope makes sense :slight_smile:

My custom engine expects 32x32 tiles coming from tiled. It’s not feasible at this point to convert it to 16x16.

However I would like certain layers in Tiled to use a 16x16 grid. Primary the layer I place for the ground/terrain, since it looks much better at 16x16 (smoother corners, etc).

I know its a strange request, but is there anyway around this in Tiled? Does tiled support multiple grid sizes?

I can think of some hacky ways to get around this, but wanted to check first if theres a straightforward way Im missing.


At the moment the tile size is global to the map. If you really need layers with different tile sizes, you’ll need to set up multiple maps and render them on top of each other on your game. Of course, this is not the ideal editing situation.

There is an issue open for this feature on GitHub:

It’s not going to be easy, but I do plan to get around to it eventually. You can support me on Patreon if you want to help me get around to it faster.

Thanks for the response Bjorn - Yea, my hackey way was import two maps at runtime, but that’s a pain to edit.