Making a new map - Need help!

Hey guys,

I would really like to create new maps for this game called Boxhead- Bounty Hunter. Check the maps of this game here:

Here is an image from the game of a map:

Here is the map data for the map:

I know for a fact that the developers used this software to create maps, and I would really appreciate any help for how to create a new map. Perferably convert the mapdata to xml or from xml to tmx so I can use this software.

So basically, any help with creating maps on this simply 2D game would be a massive help!


I still need help with this. Anyone willing to check it out?

I think likely nobody was able to help you because the map file you’ve linked to has some proprietary format for which it is not clear how the data is stored, so it can’t be simply converted to a TMX file.

Did you try asking the developers of the game for information about how their map data is structured? How do you know they’ve used Tiled to create their maps? And if they did, surely they can help you?

Thanks for the reply!

So I know for a fact that they used this software. As you can see on the homepage it uses the exact same trees and floor terrain as this game. All the assets are the same.

Also sadly, the developers for BBH have left. The game is left without updates so they are of no help.

I just need some guidance. So the image I linked, how does it turn into map data shown in the link? If I can create a new map using Tiled and convert the data into xml format I can add a new slot and therefore add a new map onto the game. Simply how to turn a map into the xml data as shown in the link?

Anything at this point would be helpful, I know you guys are knowledgeable!

These graphics are freely available and have nothing to do with Tiled except that I’ve used them on the Tiled website. So that is no indication that the maps of this game were made with Tiled.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t just contact the developers anymore. Sadly I can’t help either. Figuring out what that cryptic line of data means could be interesting, but I don’t have time for it.

Okay, fair enough.

I just needed help on how these tile maps could have been transformed into the api link as shown.

Thanks for your help though, much appreciated.