[Paid] Looking for a Tiled Map Mapper

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. I am looking for someone to make Tiled maps for my game Pokemon Blaze Online. The maps are basically clone of different Pokemon regions but are made in just a little different style. The tool used to map them is www.mapeditor.org/

Example Maps -

I will be paying between $5-$10 per map based on the complexity of the map. If you are hired, you will be making around 80-90 maps.

You can reach out to me here or on discord Snakes#2479

Only apply if you have experience working with tiled map editor or have confidence that you can produce same quality maps. We will be providing the tilesets for the maps.


Hi, are you still looking for help on this? Also I’m curious how the trees are layered here in Tiled. The original Pokemon games would have used flat tiles for trees, but the later 3D ones use billboard 3D sprites to layer trees. It seems you are mimicking that style, but the trees don’t appear to be objects here.

I don’t know how OP does it, but I want to point out that Tiled lets you place any size tile in a map cell, so it’s possible to make single-tile trees that are taller than the map cell without utilising Objects.

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Oh cool, do you have a link to the documentation for this feature? I didn’t know that feature was added.

EDIT: Oh wow, ok I didn’t realize you could just load a TSX file with different tile dimensions in it, and it would just work like that. Wow. I just tried adding a 32x32 tileset to a map I’m making that normally has 16x16 tiles, and Tiled accommodates the different sizes nicely.


Hey @JamesO2x, yes I have another region to map which we can speak about. Can you reach out to me on discord - Snakes#2479

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Ok, I sent you a friend request on Discord. Send me a message there when you get the chance.