Maps in separate windows? or only tabs?

Does Tiled have the ability to show maps in two separate windows? Or only 1 map at a time in tabs? I would like to be able to see two maps at once, for the purpose of rapidly copying things between them…

While each instance of Tiled is confined to one window with documents in tabs, you can have multiple instances of Tiled open, and copy+paste tiles, etc between them.

How do you run a second instance on a Mac?

Would it work to run the executable directly from the console? Like, by launching /Applications/

While it would be nice to support displaying several map views at once, it can easily lead to a complex UI so care needs to be taken to keep it intuitive. Maybe it would be enough if there was a way to open an additional window in the same process, but this will probably require major code changes already.

I understand - it is not that big a deal, was pretty much a one-time thing I needed to do.

And yes, you are right you can use the command-line to run a separate instance. You can use the open -n terminal command, like this:

open -n /Applications/


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