Open 2 maps in 2 windows

Is there a way to open Tiled (Mac) and have it create a new window? I need to see two maps side-by-side, plus it’s very confusing that all the tiles sets for all maps are put into the same list of tabs. It’s two easy to start grabbing tiles from the wrong map.

For seeing 2 maps at once you could use [Tiled Worlds] (Working with Worlds — Tiled 1.9.2 documentation) those are very useful

That doesn’t quite do what I need, but thanks for the suggestion. What I want/need is to run a 2nd copy of Tiled. As a Mac programmer, it’s not that hard to do, some apps provide a command-line option for that. It would be very helpful in Tiled.

At least on Windows, you can open another instance of Tiled by opening Tiled again (not by opening a file associated with Tiled, but by launching Tiled directly). Does this not work on MacOS?

On the Mac, it just brings the already open program to the front. But I just tried launching the tiled Tiled executable (not the .app) from the command line and that worked!