Minified Export

Hi, would it be possible to have an option somewhere when exporting to json, Lua, etc that the output could be minified (stripped of spaces and other extra characters)? That would be pretty neat :slight_smile:

Sure, should be doable. I just wonder a little how to provide this option. I imagine there could be people, who keep their JSON files in source control and want them non-minified, but are exporting to Lua and would like that minified.

So I guess this option should only be applied to exporting, as in:

[ ] Prefer minified format when exporting

And as such would even affect the TMX format upon export.

Awesome, I’ll look forward to that. The main reason I would like both minified is because I am encrypting them and then sending them across a network as a hex endoced strings. So for this purpose, the less characters the better :slight_smile:

I also had another little idea (if its not present already). If you were able to hold a key and when moving the mouse it would be locked on an axis, so for example holding ALT whilst dragging the mouse would cause the mouse to only move on the x-axis and holding CTRL whilst dragging would cause the mouse to only move on the y-axis. This would be good for pasting straight lines.

If you’re already doing encryption and encoding, then adding zlib compression before the encryption should be the easiest way to reduce the size.

Is this about the stamp brush? Drawing straight lines is actually already easy by holding Shift and then clicking the start and end positions, since you get a preview while you’re at it. You can also hold Ctrl at the same time to draw circles.

I will look into zLib compression, thanks! I’ll also play with shift too :slight_smile:

The latest development snapshot adds option of minified export: